Your Care Management | Worker of the Month: Sohail
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Worker of the Month: Sohail

Worker of the Month: Sohail

Worker of the Month: Sohail

Congratulations, Sohail, who has won YourCare’s Worker of the Month! 


Sohail never turns down an opportunity to work with YourCare. He has been partnered with YourCare for over a year now and is a great carer.


We spoke to Sohail about his work as a care worker:


Can you introduce yourself? Tell us a little about yourself.


Hi, my name is Sohail, I am a diligent individual who strives for the best and I love looking after people. 


Why do you think it’s important to have such a good work ethic?


I think it’s important to act as a role model to work effectively as a team. I always try to find new ways to help care users and I tak responsibility for my own professional development so that I am always improving. 


What makes a great care worker?


I think a great care worker is someone who is an excellent problem solver and someone who is willing to put others before themselves. This is how you gain the respect and trust necessary.


What are the main challenges in your role?


One of the main challenges in care work is the long hours which can be quite tiring but if you build a routine and take time to rest you can overcome this and still work effectively.


What do you like about working with YourCare?


It’s always been my ambition and passion to help those in need and working with YourCare allows me to work to build better outcomes for people.


Congratulations again, Sohail! We hope you enjoy your JustEat voucher!