Your Care Management | The Importance of Successful Staff Integration in Healthcare
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The Importance of Successful Staff Integration in Healthcare

The Importance of Successful Staff Integration in Healthcare

The Importance of Successful Staff Integration in Healthcare

Finding the correct person for a job in healthcare can be quite difficult in the first instance. The role requires a special skillset and temperament that varies subtly with each opportunity. After sourcing high-calibre, compassionate candidates, however, we are proud and confident in the knowledge that healthcare workers play a vital role in improving the quality of life for each individual they care for.


Equally as important as finding the right person for a role, is integrating workers into their positions. Effective support and communication are vital to preparing candidates for roles and achieving stability and continuity through long-term relationships.


Successful integration is essential as high staff turnover has an adverse impact on both organisations and care users. Re-recruitment increases the demand on resources and negatively affects morale. It can also be very unsettling for care users. An employee who is passionate about their role and shows that they care for the people they look after will ensure that the client is happy with the service they receive and therefore they will continue to ask for the same candidate, which in turn will provide continuity for both the candidate and the person being cared for.


The healthcare sector is constantly changing and in order for all staff within their role to remain experienced, it is essential to support them with continued training.


In healthcare, it is also important to build a strong working relationship with candidates. Building this relationship on a foundation of compassion and trust is the best way to achieve a long-term partnership.