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Signs a Career as a Registered Nurse is for You

Signs a Career as a Registered Nurse is for You

Signs a Career as a Registered Nurse is for You

A Registered Nurse is responsible for coordinating and providing direct care to patients. Their duties include overseeing other nurses, distributing medication to patients and caring for patients. Here are the signs you’d make a good registered nurse:


You have…


  • understanding of health and safety protocols, including decontamination and sanitation
  • patience and compassion
  • knowledge of emergency care
  • leadership and teamwork skills
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills 
  • excellent knowledge of nursing care procedures and methods and a valid nursing licence


You want to…


  • record patients’ vital signs and medical information
  • monitor patients and report symptoms or changes in their conditions to provide the most suitable care and advice
  • perform routine procedures such as administering non-intravenous medications, taking blood pressure measurements and completing patients’ charts
  • administer medications to patients, monitor them for potential reactions or side effects and report to the physician
  • write up and update accurate, comprehensive healthcare records and reports of patients
  • working with physicians and other health professionals to create personalised treatment plans for patients
  • train and supervise Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses


You don’t mind…


  • Shifts, evening and weekend work and some on-call duties in the event of an emergency.


Getting started


Registered Nurses can qualify for employment if they are registered with the Nursing and Midwife Council to qualify for employment. This can be achieved through a degree in adult nursing from a Nursing & Midwife Council-approved programme. Some healthcare employers also provide a degree apprenticeship in nursing. 

Registered Nurses can gain crucial experience through work in health and social care.


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